Wealth management - make more of your means!

Wealth management with the SwissLux Selective Corporation is having a competent partner by your side in all financial matters. In close cooperation with Iakovidis Capital In Switzerland we offer high quality wealth management services. Our Swiss partner will first review and define your very personal goals and priorities of your plans for your financial means.

We together analyse your individual situation and develop the right strategy to secure your income and asset. Within this sound wealth management we are also anxious to exhaust any means to reduce your tax liabilities as much as possible.

If necessary we will conduct the founding of a corporation of trust on your behalf. Also in matters of terms of succession, which importance is often underestimated, we will be happy to support and supply our widely ranged legal know-how. If requested, we could offer sound legal and tax advice as well as finance trustee in cooperation with our partners.

You surely know from bad experience: A careful asset planning and selection of securities is time-consuming. Facing the increasing complexity and risk on the financial markets that may be concealed in the smallest legal detail, the average knowledge of a bank clerk nowadays is by far not sufficient. This is a job for professionals who deal with this subject 24-hours-a-day. It saves you time, nerve and - especially - money to entrust your wealth management to our specialists.

All experts possess the necessary experience to draw the right conclusions also in times of turbulence. Thanks to their profound expertise they are able to assess all possible types of investment at all times. The international contacts of our consultants allow them to quickly react to new challenges. Are these not enough good reasons to put the wealth management into the experienced hands of our specialists?